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2013 - 2015

In cooperation with Francesca Santarella and Alberto Giorgio Cassani

This original research illustrates the origins, evolution, characteristics and diffusion of parabola-shaped reinforced concrete silos, an innovative industrial architectural typology developed in Italy at the beginning of the twentieth century – and from there widely replied internationally. As a perfect match of functionality and aesthetics, these majestic ribbed vaults were designed for the automatic storage of dusty industrial products, and thus mostly used by chemical and cement industries. The research is structured around a detailed analytical survey and description of each of the 91 objects realized in Italy between 1920 and 1970, supported and integrated by a rich iconographic body of technical drawings, historical images and plans as well as current photographies taken by the authors. A brief overview of the existing silos in Europe is also included. The aim of this research and publication is to shed a light, for the first time ever, on an outstanding cultural and architectural heritage that, due to its 'industrial' origin, is often ignored and constantly endangered. 

M. Modica, F. Santarella (2015), Paraboloidi. Un patrimonio dimenticato dell’architettura moderna. Firenze: Edifir. 

Contents and Preface by A. G. Cassani

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