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Lviv Oblast (Ukraine)


The historical and cultural region around the city of Lviv, in westernmost Ukraine, was massively industrialized only from the 1950s onwards, in the context of postwar Soviet Union’s recovering and expanding economy. Large industrial facilities changed the face, and the fate, of many ancient towns and rural villages, among which Rozdil and Yavoriv (sulphur mining and processing), Kalush (potash mining and processing), Chervonohrad (coal mining) and Sokal (viscose manufacturing). After the collapse of the Soviet regime, the dismantling of state-run heavy industry occurred here faster than in any other region of independent Ukraine, somehow to remark the profound detachment from that imposed economic and cultural model. An incredible road trip in 2011 became the chance to document the very last stages of this process of material and collective removal.

A glimpse into the still active – at the time – "Lisova" (Шахта "Лісова") coal mine, Chervonohrad. 

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