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Interreg trAILs

European Territorial Cooperation project

2018 - 2021

Funding 2.187.400 EUR

The Interreg project trAILs – Alpine Industrial Landscapes Transformation – was initiated in 2017 by the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Industrial Landscapes at the Technical University of Munich, with the aim to develop a multidisciplinary and transnational approach for the sustainable transformation of former Alpine Industrial Landscapes (AILs). Joined by nine more institutions as project partners – among which the Technical Universities of Milan and Vienna, the Universities of Ljubljana and Verona, as well as several regional development agencies – and twenty international observers, the project combined expertise in the fields of spatial and landscape planning, socioeconomic sciences and ecological restoration while directly cooperating with local communities in four pilot sites in Austria (Eisenerz), Italy (Borgo San Dalmazzo and Valdieri), France (L’Argentière-la-Bessée) and Slovenia (Tržič). Through its main outcomes and key results – such as a webGIS Database, an Assessment Tool and a Test-Design Tool – the project supported local and regional stakeholders in the complex process of sustainable AILs transformation, providing them with strategic planning tools for the future as well as with useful hands-on experiences. 

Project details on Interreg Alpine Space website

Modica M., Solero E. (2022), Brownfield Transformation in Fragile Territories. An Interreg-based Action Research. Series: PoliMI SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology. Cham: Springer. 

Weilacher U., Modica M. (eds.) (2021), Alpine Industrial Landscapes Transformation - trAILs. Project Handbook. Munich: Technische Universität München.

Images 1 and 9 © Roberta Marchesi / INTWIG

Images 7 and 8 © Politecnico di Milano

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